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Zatopeks releases:



Second album on Household Name Records & Whoa Oh Records - released November 2007


1. Radio Maryja 8. I Don't Want The Airwaves
2. 15 Ta Life 9. 747
3. Drive-By Love 10. Courtyard Blues
4. Don't Let The Night Get You Down 11. Culture Of Control
5. Picture Postcards 12. Song For Nina Simone
6. Daily Mail 13. Ship To Go Down With
7. Jumble Sale 14. Death And The Hobo



HANDCLAPS & BOTTLECAPS 7" - Buy it now at Interpunk

acoustic split 7" on It's Alive Records - released October 2006


Zatopeks songs:

1. Death And The Hobo

2. Turkish Bread Chronicle







SMILE OR MOVE 7" - Buy it now at Interpunk

on It's Alive Records - released June 2006



1. I Dream I'm Home

2. Turn To Gold Blues

3. Even Zatopeks Cry

4. Another Night On The Divide





INTERPUNK LOCAL COMP 2005 - Buy it now at Interpunk

Interpunk compilation of bands from the UK, US, Canada and Italy - released September 2005

Other bands include Retarded, Caffeine, Manda and the Marbles, The Vapids, Inspect Her Gadget


Zatopeks song:

1. Turkish Bread Chronicle









New compilation on Punktastic Recordings - released July 2005

Other bands include Milk2Sugars, The Maple State, Adequate 7, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, Echofreddy, Fastlane.


Zatopeks song:

1. We Wanna Cruise Around With You








AIN'T NOBDODY LEFT BUT US - Buy it now at Interpunk

Zatopeks debut full length album - on Stardumb Records released March 2005

Tracklist: (Click on the song title to see lyrics and explanations for the songs)

1. The Summer I fell In Love With Jimmy's Girl 8. Another Night On The Divide
2. Turkish Bread Chronicle 9. Jenny Kissed Me
3. City Lights 10. Quality Footwear
4. Mary Lou 11. Turn To Gold Blues
5. Some Town In  Northern France 12. Sophie Scholl
6. The Boy Done Good 13. De Niro Come On
7. The Night Spider Earned His Colours 14. At The Dive



AMP PRESENTS VOL. 4 - POP PUNK - Buy it now at Interpunk

American Music Press (AMP) compilation released February 2005

Other bands include The Apers, Groovie Ghoulies, Manges, Methadones, Mr T Experience, The Queers and lots more


Zatopeks song:

1. Devil In A '55







THE 20BELOWS/ZATOPEKS - SPLIT 7" - Buy now at Interpunk

on All-Nite Records released June 2004


Zatopeks songs:

1. Jimmy's Girl

2. She's Rock'n'Roll

3. I Wanna Blow Jerry Hormone







 The Apers/Twentyearsold/Zatopeks/The 20Belows - split CD on Whoa Oh Records released March 2003


Zatopeks songs:

1. It's Dull When You're Dead

2. Cobwebs  On My Chucks

3. Cute Deaf Girl On The Underground

4. Vienna





"THE EUROPEAN POPPUNK VIRUS VOL 2" - Buy now at Interpunk

Stardumb Records compilation released February 2003

also featuring the best European pop-punk bands around


Zatopeks song:

1. Devil in a '55