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*NEW*Las*Pezia Punk Rockers - December 2006   *NEW*Last night of the tour, at la Skaletta. We had to get the photo.
*NEW*On an Italian mountain overlooking Slovenia   *NEW*On a Slovenian mountain overlooking Italy
*NEW*Sammie and Spider with Veronica who looked after us in Friuli   *NEW*The Zatopeks/Apers Italy tour 2006 travel party
*NEW*Dinnertime at the Pieffe Factory   *NEW*2 Zatopeks, 1 Aper and 2 Last Romantics
*NEW*Spider and Sammie take a break   *NEW*The Last Romantics...for one night only!
*NEW*Outside the church which houses the Turin Shroud...apparently! They keep it in a box though, so you can't see it.   *NEW*Paul the Cop and Sammie the Giant with a tower of beer. We thought we could drink it all in 2 nights, but we failed...
*NEW*The night before the first show of the Italy tour, we got to see Retarded play in Genoa. Sammie had got a taste for singing by this point.   *NEW*Kelvin and Ivo from the Apers with the poster in Camino al Tagliamente
The Apers, Zatopeks, Retarded and Stardumb party crew at the last show of the tour in Arnhem (Photo by Marc Gaertner)   Sammie didn't have any luck with the ladies.
Spider and Kevin Aper got tattoos   Sammie and Kelvin traded shirts
The party crew in Roskilde, August 2005 - Groovie Ghoulies, Zatopeks and 20belows   Pete, Will and Ghoulies' driver Andre
Will passed out with a bottle of beer in his hand....   but Sammie went to bed with a bottle of strawberry vodka
We had our name in lights!   And even bigger outside!
Seems like times are changing...   Sammie helped out Roach with backing vocals for a cover of Chuck Berry's 'Come On'
We decided to make a backdrop in Aarhus   And just finished it in time!
Pete got a shock when he woke up the next morning   Sammie went record shopping in Hannover
Punkrock vs Hardcore! Punkrock put up a good showing, but I think Hardcore won that night   *NEW* Pete and Will got friendly in Copenhagen
Sebby, Kat Spazzy and Marien Nicotine at the Jailhouse, Coventry. November 2004.   *NEW* Sammie and Spider acted like rockstars in Berlin
Spider contemplates crowdsurfing at the Rotterdam Rumble after-party   Sammie the rockstar
The South Ealing Militia on home territory   Getting friendly in the Sunflower Lounge...Birmingham's coolest bar
Sammie the Giant with Dennis On The Run at the Church, Dresden, December 2003   Sammie, Pete and Will at the Church, Dresden, December 2003
Fifi and the Zatopeks, Rocket to Gaswerk, 2003   The latest addition to the Zatopeks range of merchandise!
Saft'n, Sebby, Ulli Below, Will & Faye Valentine at Rocket to Gaswerk 2003   Members of the Zatopeks, Griswalds, Morons & Dakinis at the Winter Rumble 2003
The Zatopeks new guitar player: Scotty Moore! We got to see him play in Birmingham a few months ago, and we sure had a swell time!   Sebby Zatopek, Jo Mangled, Davey Hunchback...and Marky Ramone!
4 Zatopeks, 2 Spazzys, 1 Cherrybomb and 1 Accelerator, Rotterdam 2/8/02   Zatopeks and Spazzys. Birmingham 26/6/02
Hanging in Rotown 1/8/02  
After we got back from Rotown. In the background, Pete's attempting to climb the scaffolding outside Stefan's house...   Pete and The Giant with Danny Be Good and Lucy Spazzy at a Chromosomes show in Dordrecht 1/8/02
Zatopeks plus Kevin Aper, Marien Nicotine, Ann Alcoholic, Ann Artistic and Dennis On The Run. Rotterdam 22/8/01 Sammie Valens and Lucy Spazzy
Dennis On The Run, Pete Sematary and Ann Alcoholic. Rotterdam 22/8/01   hmmm...


MS Stubnitz, 22/08/01, Rotterdam, Punkrockcity #1. Spot the Apers, Ragin' Hormones, a Lulabelle, Dennis On The Run, "pot-smoking Frenchies", Stefan Stardumb and, uh, Zatopeks   Buddy Holly's grandchildren
L-R Sebby, Pete, Jerry Hormone, Kevin Aper, Will and Sammie