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Here are some links to some cool places we know. Cruise by and tell 'em the Zatopeks sent you.



10 Easy Wishes pop-punk from Scotland.

20 Belows Great pop-punk from great in fact, that we're doing 2 split records with them!

3 1/2 Inch Floppy Our previous band (well, for Will, Sebby, Pete and the Giant anyway)

Accelerators Rotterdam poppunk

Apers  Europe is producing some of the world's best punk rock these days. Here's the proof.

Atoms really great power-pop from Nottingham.

Backwood Creatures The Kings of Rock'n'Roll from Cologne, Germany.

Barbecuties Pop Punk from Germany

Capones Davey Hunchback's ska side-project. Like Operation Ivy and the Specials.

Copyrights US Poppunk

Dangerfields The UK's hardest working rock'n'roll band. Born to Rock!

Dirtshakes Raw Action Roll from Germany.

Effervescent Poppunk from Nuneaton

Elvis Presley I dunno. Some guy.

Ergs US Poppunk

Even In Blackouts Acoustic poppunk featuring Jughead from Screeching Weasel

Eyeliners American girl-punk.

Groovie Ghoulies Vampires, Medusa and monsters mixed with great pop-punk.

Griswalds Orpington Punk Rock.

Hold Your Breath Spider's hardcore band, also featuring Davey Hunchback

Hunchbacks Pete's other band...great girl-fronted pop-punk, and our labelmates

Huntingtons These guys want to be the Ramones. Honestly, some people have NO originality.

Inadequates Pop-punk from the hometown of the Beatles.

Juicy Zooters punk rock from Rotterdam, featuring the brother of Jerry Hormone.

Klopeks Dark Swingin' Rock'n'Roll from Birmingham

Kowalskis Not THAT New York band, but another. And a good one, at that.

Manges From Las Pezia! A whole scene named after a Ramones spelling mistake. We like. Oh, they rock, too.

Mapatazi Bob Birmingham poppunk

Mr T Experience One of the bands who started this pop-punk nonsense that has consumed our lives.

Mugwumps Great Austrian pop-punk

Omatic Our Selly Oak rock compatriots

Panic Excellent Screeching Weasel/Queers influenced punk rock from Nottingham, England. RIP.

Peawees Las Pezia Rockers. How come we've never been to this town?

Pickled Dick Hampshire poppunk with amazing harmonies

Punch Puppet London pop-punkers with great songs, terrible Neighbours jokes, and an Ataris/Skimmer vibe. Now back after a 3 year break!

Radio Days Great Italian pop-punk featuring 2 members of Retarded


Random Heroes Brighton punk rock

Reekys Teenage Retards from Munich, Germany.

Retarded Rockin' Italian Ramones-punk.

Ritalins Scottish pop-punk. Our labelmates on All-Nite!

Ruth's Hat Ramones meet the Everly Brothers.

Screeching Weasel To quote Butthead: "Dude, if you don't know, I'm not gonna tell you."

Smugglers Canadian rock'n'roll.

Snotty Cheekbones Swiss Punk Rock.

Spazzys Paco may not love them, but we do! Brilliant Australian girl-punk. We want to cruise around with them!

Teenage Bottlerocket US poppunk

Unlovables Girl fronted poppunk from New York

Waukees cool girl fronted pop-punk band from Pisa (RIP)

Whining Maggots Pop punk from members of Raggity Anne, Academy Morticians, and Zatopeks

Wimpy's These Japanese punks say they wanna link 50's Rock' n'Roll with punk rock. We say "oh, baby!"

Zombina and the Skeletones Poppy rock'n'roll from Liverpool




Alien Snatch Dirtshakes, Automatics, Yum-Yums, Riff Randells

All-Nite Zatopeks, 20belows, Ritalins

Brat Snotty Cheekbones, Slartybartfast

It's Alive Copyrights, Teenage Bottlerocket, Manges, Apers, Zatopeks

Lookout Queers, MTX

Oddball Griswalds

Panic Button Eyeliners, Wanna-Bes

Popball Wimpy's, Spazzys

Punktastic Recordings UK label who released the Un-Scene compilations

Screaming Apple - Backwood Creatures, Yum-Yums, Mallrats

Stardumb Apers, Peawees, Backwood Creatures, Retarded, A Radio With Guts, Favorats, Groovie Ghoulies

Suckerpunch released the great 3 Chord Rocket Science compilation

Varmint German punkrock 7" only label

Whoa-Oh The Ergs, Teen Sensation Glasses, The Apers, Zatopeks, Twentyearsold, The 20Belows



All Ages Records London's only independent punk rock record store

Ground Floor Observatory Photos by Xenia Randle, who took the photos for our album inlay

Myspace Zatopeks on Myspace

Pit's Legendary punkrock venue in Kortrijk, Belgium

Punktastic UK punk news website

Purevolume Zatopeks on Purevolume

Stardumb Confidential Stardumb Records message board. All the cool kids are hanging out here

Stefan Tijs Artist who designed the artwork for the 20belows/Zatopeks split 7"

Wild At Heat Great rock'n'roll bar in Berlin

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