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Interview for Oude Garde fanzine, spring 2005


# Can you introduce the band?

My name’s Sebby, and I play rhythm guitar in the Zatopeks. Will DeNiro is the singer, Sammie the Giant plays bass, Pete Sematary plays the drums and Spider plays lead guitar.

# Tell me some of the history of the band....

We originally started in early 2001. Back then we were just a 3 piece, with me, Will and Pete. We only did one show with that line-up, and recorded one song for a compilation CD. We soon realised that Will couldn’t play bass though, so we asked his brother Sam, later christened the Giant, to join the band in time for the next show. Will then moved onto second guitar. In the autumn of 2003 Will stopped playing guitar, and we brought in Spider on lead guitar, making the Zatopeks a 5-piece.


We played many shows around the UK, and also a lot in Holland too. Our second ever show, back in summer 2001 was in Rotterdam, where we made a lot of friends, and we’ve tried to come back over whenever we can ever since! We did our first tour round Europe in the summer of 2003. We went on tour for 2 weeks, and played shows in Holland, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and Belgium. 6 months after that we did a mini-tour in Germany with the Backwood Creatures, where we did 3 shows. Both tours were amazing experiences, and we’re all looking forward to touring again after the release of our first full-length.


We also have a few releases out – In 2002 there was the International Language of Love CD on Whoa Oh Records, which is a split CD with the 20belows, The Apers and Twentyearsold. At the beginning of 2003, I released a Zatopeks/20belows split 7” on my label All-Nite Records, and our song Devil In A ’55 was included on the European Popppunk Virus 2 on Stardumb Records.


# You just recorded a CD tell me about that?

Yeah, we’re in the process of recording our first full-length, which will be out on Stardumb Records in March 2005. At the time of writing, the music is recorded, but we have to do the vocals and mixing. It took a bit longer than we planned, but we wanted to make sure everything came out perfect, and with the help of the producer, we’ve added some extra lead guitar parts and keyboard parts to our songs too. We’re really happy with how it sounds so far, and we’re really excited to get the finished record.


# You did the recordings in the Netherlands, why there and not in the UK?

We’ve done all our previous recordings in the same studio in Birmingham and most came out really well, cause we always worked with a really good producer. The last session we did there though, was a bit rushed, and we weren’t happy with how it turned out. So we decided it would be good to have a change, and record at a different studio with a different studio. The Apers recommended Excess Studios in Rotterdam to us, because they had recorded both their full-lengths there. It was the best option we had found, so we decided to go for it. We’re very glad we went there, because it’s a great studio, and we really enjoyed recording there.


# The cd is coming out on Stardumb records a label that doesn't bring it out on vinyl is there coming a vinyl version of your record? Maybe something for all-nite records.....

I hope that there will be a vinyl version. It won’t be on Stardumb Records though, so we’re currently looking for a label to put that out. I’m not going to do it on All-Nite Records though, as we’d prefer to do it on a different label. So if any label owners are reading this, and are interested then let me know!


# Any plans for your label all nite records?

I don’t have any plans right now for the label. I’ve released 3 records so far (a 7” for the Ritalins, the Zatopeks/20belows split 7” and a split CD with the Hunchbacks, the Battledykes and the Waukees). I’m really busy with other things at the moment, and don’t really have the time or the money to commit to the label, so it’s pretty much taken a backseat recently. I want to continue promoting the releases I have though, and on that note, if anyone’s interested in them, check out for info and mp3s.


# What are the plans for the zatopeks after the record, I guess touring... if so where and how....

We’re working on a week’s tour of Holland/Germany for the time when the album comes out in March 2005. We’re playing the Stardumb Records/Teenage Head Winter Rumble on 19 March as part of that, alongside loads of great bands. We’re also planning a European tour for September 2005. Plus hopefully we’ll be doing plenty of shows in between too.


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