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Will DeNiro


Sebby Zatopek


The Giant

bass, vocals

Pete Sematary



guitar, vocals

Zatopeks are a pop-punk/rock'n'roll band from the UK who formed in 2001. It was originally just Will, Sebby and Pete, all members of the six-piece punk band 3 1/2 Inch Floppy, but pretty soon we added Sammie the Giant on bass, and then in 2003 Spider joined on second guitar.

There have been releases on Household Name Records (UK), Whoa Oh Records (USA), All-Nite Records (UK), Stardumb Records (NL), It's Alive Records (USA), Squinty Joe Records (UK). There has been one split CD, four 7" EPs and two full length albums.

We toured Europe four times and the USA once, playing in the UK, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Belgium, France and Austria, and have played many other European shows since then, particularly in Holland.

Over the last few years, the Zatopeks have played shows with the Queers, Groovie Ghoulies, the Parasites, the Loved Ones, The Ergs, The Copyrights, Dillinger Four, Hard Skin, Classics of Love, The Guts, Tuuli, The Kids, Turbo ACs, The Apers, Backwood Creatures, the Sonic Dolls, the Peawees, the Manges, the Kidnappers, the Red Dons, Sloppy Seconds, Sweet Baby, The Crumbs, Weston, The Steinways, The Beatnik Termites, Dr Frank, Squirtgun, the Real McKenzies, the Foamers and Roger Miret and The Disasters.

Sample reviews of the new album:

"If the Zatopeks were a beer, I'd buy a whole case and drink a bottle every night." (Now Wave)

"With ‘Damn Fool Music’ the Zatopeks have crafted their best and most balanced piece of work to date. It manages to be passionate, uplifting, inspiring and a hundred other things all at the same time. It will make you smile, dance and generally jump around like a crazy person. This is without doubt one of the best releases by a UK band this year." 4/5 (Punktastic)

"Every now and then a band comes along and gets all their reference points so thoroughly bang on, it feels less like rehashing what's gone before and more like continuing a great tradition. [...] If there's any justice, Zatopeks will take their place among the greats that paved the way for them." 4/5 (Kerrang!)

"It may take them a while to get to band practice, but it sure don't take 'em long to get to the point. [...] For a healthy dose of highly infectious pop punk gems bolted onto a sneering rock'n'roll animal, you've come to the right place" 8/10 (Rocksound)

"Aint nobody left but us is quite simply one of the best albums Ive heard by a UK band this year. The Zatopeks give you an album stuffed full of punk, pop, rock and roll, humour, nostalgia and great songs. What more could you ask for? I urge you to check these guys out as they just might be your new favourite band." 4/5 (Punktastic)

“the Zatopeks manage to cram everything that makes for great turbo-charged pop music into a few minutes of scraping, chiming rhythm guitar and "oh-oh-oh" backing vocals, with a quick stop at the crossroads of Melody and Hook to make sure they haven’t lost the plot.”

“Imagine The Undertones crossed with The Ramones and you get a fairly good idea of what the Zatopeks sound like. The opening number ‘Jimmy’s Girl’ would have been a chart hit if The Undertones has released it in their prime.”


Below is the story of how Spider came to become a Zatopek:


"Well this is a story all about how my life got twist-turned upside down, so I'd you to take a minute just sit right there I'll how I became a member of Zatopeks , for an evening. (This doesn't rhyme as well as I thought it might do). So there I was, hanging out in the diner downtown, just sipping on a cherry coke hoping some girls would notice me when I hears a loud commotion out in the parking lot. Some clever guys had parked their 55 Chevrolet (is this a car?) in Jimmy's spot. Uh oh, this meant trouble for sure. I scooted outside to see what was goin' on- those darned Zatopek boys had caused a scene as Jimmy's girl was screaming that they couldn't park there and that Jimmy and the Vipers were heading across town now and that there'd be bloodshed for sure if they didn't get on out of there. (She seemed to have a particular soft spot for the dude in the Buddy specs- rumours had been flying for a while now and it looked to me as if they weren't just rumours). Suddenly, in a cloud of dust and testosterone Jimmy and the Vipers screeched up to the scene, and sure as chips is chips there was gonna be a showdown. Gee, I couldn't just stand there and let these uninformed greasers get pummelled by the town bully, so as the action unfolded I waded in and saved those poor boys asses.

As the paramedics carried off Jimmy to a life of eating mush through a straw, I turned to get back to that 3 dime cherry coke that was waiting for me but was stopped by a voice behind me. 'Hey, how do you fancy riding with the Zatopeks tonight?' As I was at a loose end I turned back around and replied 'Yeah that'd be swell'. And so that's how me and the Zatopeks met, and since that day I've never looked back."