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Ain't Nobody Left But Us

(Photo by Xenia Randle)

Time to relax

(Photo by Xenia Randle)

And the album is finished

(Photo by Xenia Randle)

Zatopeks dressed up smart for the Punk Rock Prom, Southampton, 19/7/03
Zatopeks in Rotterdam 3/8/02. Photos taken by Olivia Schafer
Zatopeks at het Poortgebouw, Rotterdam for the first of the Stardumb Strike-Out Nights, 2/8/02.
It's your last night in Rotterdam. You've just returned from an Apers show and Heineken and super caps have taken their toll, what do you do? Pose for pictures of course! (by Stefan Stardumb) 22/8/01.
The last thing Pete remembers that night...